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October 15, 2011
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Ponikemon Trio of Jotho by MySweetQueen Ponikemon Trio of Jotho by MySweetQueen

Suicune, Entei and Raikou in MLP style

Si, al fin he podido hacer a raikou y entei!! benditos findes xD
lo siento por las patas de entei, pero nunca se me ha dado bien dibujar a ese pokemon debido a todos los detalles que tiene, y al intentar hacerlo estilo pony se me han ido al carajo las proporciones de las patas >< aparte de eso me gusta mucho, y luego esta el tema de la cola de raikou... no sabia si ponerle una cola que se pareciera a su melena, porque eso lo haria parecer mas pony, pero es que esa cola azul en zigzag es muy caracteristica de el, y no sabia si iba a quedar bien si se la quitaba >< la verdad es que solo parecen ponis por la armadura y las articulaciones de las patas, pero tampoco os vayais a creer que se puede hacer mucho mas con estos tres, de por si los pokemon cuadrupedos no cambian mucho en estilo pony, y yo me mantengo mas fiel al estilo de pokemon que al de los ponis en si, intentando que sean una mezcla y que no se parezcan demasiado ni a una cosa ni a otra.
Buff xD no se si me explico, pero en resumidas cuentas, me gusta como han quedado.
Ya tengo casi terminados a cresselia, darkrai y regice, en cuanto pueda terminare los otros regis.
Yes, I have finally Raikou and Entei do! findes blessed xD
sorry for Entei legs, but I have never been very good at drawing the pokemon because of all the details you have, and trying to make me pony style have gone to hell the proportions of the legs> <apart from that I love, then there is the issue queue Raikou ... did not know whether to put a tail that looked like her hair, because that would make it look more pony, but that blue zigzag line is very characteristic of him, and did not know if I would be fine if you take it off> <the truth is that just seem ponies by armor and leg joints, but neither will you go to believe you can do much more with these three, if the pokemon quadrupeds do not change much in style pony, and I keep most pokemon style faithful to the ponies at itself, trying to be a mixture and does not seem too neither one thing nor another.
Buff xD do not know if I explained, but in a nutshell, I like how they have been.
Now I have almost finished to Cresselia, Darkrai and regicides, as can end off the other registries.
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Well Skyqueen here are the Pro and Cons of your work

Pro: I like how The unicorns are pokemon.
con: Entie should be the same height as the pokemon and Raikou should have a Thunderbolt on his rump not a cloud and a lighting bolt on his but Surcoin should be a a wave instead of a symbol Entie should have Volcano as a cutie mark instead of fire cloud. But I really like the work you do on your own page and hope you keep doing it. But say that My little Pony is owned by Hasbro and Pokemon should be for Pokemon ink.
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woah. just woah. i have always loved this little trio and you did them a favour. they look BETTER then normal pokemon. i dont know how you do it. the Entei looks so good and i dont like him very much. now i rally wish i had him on soul silver. i love suicune though i havent ever seen a good image of him. you made his markings soooo beautiful. and Raikou? he is just perfect.gorgeous. i cannot begin to express how much i love this image. if you could favourite images more than once, id favourite it a million times.

keep up the fantastic work!!!!
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its ponymon
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mine are ponikemon
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Epic and well done!! :D
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You are so amazing! You are very talented.
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awsome you are so skilled!
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